A Crummy Start

How much of a train wreck do things need to be before you give up?

I don’t write. Or blog. I can’t decorate and I don’t have an eye for style. But I’ve had enough people encouraging me to write about the (mis)adventures of being a preacher’s wife that I am starting to think I could.

So when I finally summoned the courage to do it this evening, as life always works, the timing is horrible. We’re currently in a car. Heading to Portland, 3+ hours away. 

But if I don’t take the plunge and register a blog now, I never will.  The courage dragon inside me will turn into a lame duck.

I’m not a “good” preacher’s wife, by many people’s standards. I work full-time (not for the church). Our kids go to public school. I don’t always have a smile on my face, and I don’t say “Jesus” in every sentence. I don’t volunteer for everything. Our kids are often the most obnoxious among their peers. And I would rather wear rain boots than high heels with my skirt.

And sometimes on Sundays I even wear jeans.

Most of all, I still wrestle with sin. Oh, you do, too. Stop gawking.

But if we were perfect, why would we need Jesus? (Oh! Twice now!)

So in my courageous and impulsive state, in the car, I get on my phone and sign up for a blog. Only to misspell it. And then spend the next half-hour trying to fix it or start a new one, while barking to the kids that they need to leave me alone because “Mom has an issue.”

Yeah, she does.

Attitude check. Time to remember that family – and about a bazillion other things – are more important than the screens we stare at all the time.

Well, the blog is fixed. At least partially. I’m pressing on, for now. The misspelled blog is still there, until I can figure out how to delete it. In the meantime you can visit the site at crummypreacherswif.wordpress.com and laugh at me.

I’m going to play a road-trip game with my family.


3 thoughts on “A Crummy Start

  1. I love your take on “preacher’s wife.” It encourages me because as an actress and a preacher’s wife, I’m not going to be the stereotype either… I’m sure I’ll be far from it. But not far from Jesus, nor family, nor my significant other and that’s what counts.

    Anyway, Preacher’s wives aren’t a different breed of Christians… 😉 I love this beginning and I look forward to your updates!

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